Game of Brigands by Chris Meub on 12/24/2015

[ also known as Ludus Latrunculorum, or Latrunculi ]


  • Move a white Pawn or Dux by clicking on it, then clicking a destination.
  • All pieces move any number of free spaces orthogonally, like a Rook in chess.
  • If a move flanks an enemy Pawn on 2 opposite sides, that Pawn is captured.
  • However, if a Pawn is moved and becomes flanked, that Pawn is safe.
  • The Dux must be flanked on all 4 sides to be captured.
  • The first player to capture the enemy Dux wins.
  • Any piece in a corner can be flanked on just 2 adjacent sides to be captured.
  • The Dux can be captured by flanking on 3 sides if it is on the edge.
  • If a player cannot move or has less than 4 pieces, they lose.